Injection Molding Pittsburgh, Pa.
 With press sizes from 40 tons to 400 tons. Design capabilities include part design and material selection drawings are done in 3D with 
Materials molded by NZK Plastics include all the major commodity resins such as PE, PP, PS, ABS, PC and Acetal. 
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Here's one of the Products we make for Dave Rost.  
He created ReadyAction a line of mounts and braces that can hold any type of smartphone.  Video and Full article Click here:

NZK Plastics
 was started with one injection molding machine and has grown to include 6 molding machines from 50 tons to 400 tonsSecondary operations include sonic welding, solvent welding, heat staking, and assembly work. Engineering services include part design and material selection.

Higher end engineering resins such as LCP, PPS, and COP for optical lens applications have been molded by NZK Plastics.
Insert molding is also done with wear resistant acetal and nylon materials and overmolding TPE’s have also been molded for many Ergonomic Designed Parts.

NZK Plastics today is under a million dollars in yearly sales and uses this small size to react quickly to customer demands and needs. Our customer first attitude enables us to be responsive to customer needs in a way that is not commonly found with larger organizations. 

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NZK Plastics,LLC
PO Box 208
1210 Airbrake Ave
Turtle Creek, Pa. 15145
Phone / Fax (412)-823-8630




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